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Why choose Bridal Square Felicita?


​About Bridal Square Felicita

Bridal Square Felicita is
Photo wedding at 5 stores in Kumagaya, Ageo, Urawa, Kawagoe, and Soka, Saitama Prefecture.
We also produce small weddings.
For the photo department launched by the dress shop, we have everything from wedding dresses, colored dresses, Japanese attire, and groom's costumes (tuxedos, etc.).
We handle a wide range of costumes, including popular brand dresses, and provide carefully selected bridal photos.
Perfect for pre-wedding shoots, weddings with just photos, milestones such as wedding anniversaries.
Perfect for brides who want stylish photos that are a little different at an affordable price.
In addition, in the attached chapel "St. Agnes Chapel",
We also accommodate small wedding ceremonies and photo weddings, and have been well received by our customers!
A homey chapel inspired by a chapel in an Italian town.
Would you like to leave a special bridal photo?
On-site hair and make-up, on-site photo shoots, beauty salons, bridal innerwear, etc.
We carry everything you need for photography.
If you are thinking about a happy marriage, please feel free to come to Bridal Square Felicita.


There are many shooting locations such as shrine chapels etc.

After all, there are plenty of locations to take photos.
We will go to your favorite places, such as memorable places and traditional shrines, and take location photos. The result is a photo with a gentle atmosphere that gives you a sense of the seasons surrounded by nature.
Also, taking photos in the Italian-style chapel is very popular. We will shoot wedding scenes that tell a story in a style that looks just like the real ceremony.


Bring out the natural expressions of both of you

For both natural and sharp people...
The cut will be exactly as you envision. It has been very well received for its finish that gives it a model-like feel. The reason for this is the high level of photography technology and the rich variety of background patterns. We also offer a variety of background patterns to match the mood and costume. We will use accessories to create an extraordinary space that is a little different from the usual, and capture the image you want to capture of the two of you.


The largest number of costumes in the prefecture

The variety of costumes is also a big attraction. The costume room is stocked with sophisticated designs of dresses and Japanese clothing.
Please choose your favorite item from the largest selection in Saitama Prefecture.
From original designs to branded items produced by celebrities, you're sure to find your ideal wedding outfit.


​The largest selection of costumes in the prefecture


We have a wide selection of high quality dresses

Kinuya Bridal Square works with the long-established costume store Kinuya Costume Souhonten to stock dresses, making it possible to rent high-quality dresses at affordable prices.


A wide range of sizes available

The size varies depending on the person. For example, the same number 9 will vary depending on the bride.
Kinuya Bridal Square's rental dresses can be resized to suit your body shape and height.
You can feel safe even if you are petite or tall. We have a wide variety of sizes from 3 to 31, so you're sure to find the one that suits you.


We will support you in finding your destiny

Just as people have different personalities, we also offer dresses in a variety of designs and colors.
Therefore, we will help you choose the outfit that suits your destiny.
The staff at Kinuya Bridal Square will listen carefully to your story and guide you through various arrangements to suit the bride and groom.

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